Samsung A13 Display Light Solution Unique Method

Friends, today we are going to talk about Samsung A13 display light problem because this problem is very common in the market and mainly friends, I will tell you that this problem first of all comes due to the display being damaged, so first of all you have to change the display.

You should check whether the display light is on or not and if it is not on then you should repair your mobile. If you friend, if you do not solve the problem, then you should try because till the time you do not do Try, then you will learn how to do Try first of all, then you will not be able to do Try again because people learn in this way. In this article we have explained the method how you should work step by step.

Samsung A13 Display Light jumper

Now all the people understand that we will be able to repair the phone by putting a jumper but friends, this method is less helpful when you have that line missing in your phone, if the line is not missing then you will have to check in the phone to find out which component is wrong.

yes and you will have to replace it. In most of the cases, the problem of mobile light comes due to boost coil being damaged, you can check it by replacing the boost coil.

There is a high chance that your phone will be repaired because we have repaired many phones using this method. By clicking the tab, we have shared this with you in the article.

Samsung A13 Display Light IC Price

Display light IC is available on every website at different prices and you will also find it in the old motherboard of your mobile but if you want to buy a new one then you can search on the internet and buy it from there.

Friends, display light IC comes only in one phone out of 100 phones, that is, in 100% of the phones, in one percent of the phones, light does not come on the display due to the problem of IC.

In any phone, one should not start directly on IC, first of all one should check where actually the problem is coming from in the phone and after finding the problem, we should use it to solve the problem.

Samsung A13 Display Light IC Number

This IC number AL65 is present in the phone and friends, this IC gets damaged only due to water getting into the phone or due to power charging or it does not get damaged on its own.

Friends, what I mean to say is that you should first fund the problem and then directly solve the problem, do not work on it.

Samsung A13 Display Light Diagram

Samsung A13 Display Light Solution diagram

Samsung A13 Display Light Solution diagram


I would like to tell you that I have solved this problem in many phones and I have found that this problem occurs due to different reasons in every phone, but friends, by trying one solution for every phone, the phone will not be repaired.

You will understand where the problem is coming from in your phone then you will be able to stop using it because if you do not know where the problem is coming from then how will you solve it.

But in this problem, first of all we should open the phone and check by installing a new display. Many times we have found that this problem occurs due to display failure and when we install a new display then this problem also disappears.

So friends, we have shared with you almost all the things related to display light about this phone.

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