Realme 11 5G RMX3780 Flash File 100% Working Tested

Realme 11 5G RMX3780 Flash File 100% Working Tested: Friends, if you have any problem related to the software in your phone, you can repair it by flashing the software in your mobile and this is the main part of the article, I am going to teach you how to repair your phone.

Realme 11 5G Restart Problem Solution

Friends, whatever mobiles are coming now which have 5G support, after a while the problem starts coming like restarting or hang on logo, this is the kind of problem. Such problems can also be big hardware problems like if you reinstall the mobile’s device then it gets fixed.

Realme 11 5G Friends, this mobile is very popular in India and that is why there are many problems in the phone, many people are facing this problem, we have brought its solution and shared it with you and friends, you are on the right article.

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Realme 11 5G Features

This mobile comes with very good features and its performance is also very good and the best thing is that this mobile is 5G. And its 5G works very well but with some people the phone seems to face a lot of problems and to fix it we need a Realme 11 5G RMX3780. And our phone repair is also done from this file and the company also provided us this file but these files are in OTA format which you can put in recovery. In this condition your phone should be on then you will be able to plug it in otherwise it is not possible then you will have to repair it from the computer itself.

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Realme 11 5G Flash File SD Card OTA File

As I have done earlier, if your mobile is on but you will not be able to repair it in this mode, you will have to connect your mobile to the computer and repair it. If yours is switched off then you can repair it on your own computer, otherwise you can get it repaired from a nearby repair center, that is the best because there are many other problems associated with the phone. Repairing your phone with a computer is not a big deal because it has been happening for a long time but now its method has changed, now you will have to change your method.

Realme 11 5G RMX3780 Flash File 100% Working Tested

How To Flash The Realme 11 5G RMX3780 Flash File:

  • We should make a backup of our mobile because after this all the data in our mobile will be deleted, hence first of all we should make a backup of our mobile data.
  • First of all we have to install the USB driver in our computer and then
  • You have to download the Realme 11 5G RMX3780 Flash file of the mobile and put it in a folder on the computer and friends, after installing the USB driver, you must restart the computer.
  • Nothing to do, you have to do it offline but to open it you will have to enter your name ID and password, enter the password and ID and select it, after selecting you have to connect the phone.
  • Friends, press the start button on your computer and our work will start.
  • It will be completed in mobile but a message will pop up in your computer, after that we have to disconnect our phone from the computer and check the phone whether our phone has been repaired or not. Friends, most of the phones are repaired.


Friends, you all have to take backup of your mobile and I have repaired the mobile and am sharing the method with you so that you can also repair your phone by using this method. But you must not take backup, everything will be erased and you will get worried later.

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