Poco X3 Pro Dead Solution Price In India

Poco X3 Pro Dead Solution Price In India: Many people use Poco X3 Pro and friends, when there is multitasking in this mobile or any mobile, the load on it increases. And the problem with this type of mobile is that when it is turned over, its cpu becomes dry.

Mobile phone becomes dead due to cpu drying but this is not only the problem of mobile, almost every phone has this problem after which we have to reinstall the cpu.

Poco X3 Pro Dead Solution

Why Poco X3 Pro Is Getting Dead?

This problem occurs almost after using the mobile for a year, people also do mobile gaming, the CPU becomes dry and due to this the mobile becomes dead.

Is it possible to update some logs of the phone due to which the phone appears to be dead? There can be many main causes for the phone to be dead but it is the worst one which is the biggest problem.

Poco X3 Pro Suddenly Dead?

If your phone suddenly goes dead then you should get your phone repaired by a good mobile repairer who can reset its CPU and then this problem is solved.

But if you are not able to do this then your mobile is not working well, I would recommend you not to update this phone.

If you update then the front camera of the mobile will stop working and after that gradually problems will start.

Poco X3 Pro Dead Repair Cost In India?

Its price is different in every state because everyone’s way of working is different, that is why its price varies but its price is around Rs 2000 and Its cost is not the same everywhere, it varies in different countries.

Because Reballing CPU is a very complicated task and that is why the price is not fixed.

But everyone’s method of working is different, the price of the other car may be more lower, so you have to check where you are getting the right price.

Poco X3 Pro Dead Solution Step By Step

Friends, only those people who repair mobiles will be included in the society, if you do not repair the phone then you will not be included in the society by doing these repairs.

If you want to repair your phone then what you have to do is open the phone and take out the motherboard and friend go to the CPU section and reboot the CPU and friend after that our problem will be solved. I have repaired many phones.

But if you are not able to repair the CPU then you should not do this because by doing this the motherboard will be completely damaged and after that it will not be worth repairing even if you have already repaired this phone. Hi, you are repairing the phone, I am not going back to it.

See friends, there is no rocket science in reducing CPU, you must have hand skills, the method of doing the work must be correct and you must come to cleaning from scratch, if you are not able to clean then your work will never be successful.

Poco X3 Pro CPU Cost

If you come, it will cost you Rs 2000 and you will get it at every place, it is available only online or then you will get the pass for those who do phone repair.

Friends, in India its price is ₹ 2000 per cash and it is not available anywhere because it is a very rare product. So it is available only online or not, you can check it on YouTube, you will get the solution related to your CPU.


Friends, my last word is that if your phone gets switched off suddenly then you can take your phone to the nearest service center and get it repaired by vehicle or you can go to your local market and get it repaired.

can repair Its repair cost will be around Rs 2000, the rates may be different at different places.

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