Poco X2 Touch Not Working Repair Cost

Poco X2 Touch Not Working Repair Cost: Hello friends, if you want to get your mobile repaired then you can contact us. And you have Photo x2 and touch is not working in the phone, then if you get the phone repaired then your cost will be approx.

It will cost around ₹ 2000. The repairman has to repair the CPU of the mobile but sometimes this problem occurs in the phone, the display in the mobile seems to be damaged, there is also a solution for this.

The meaning of the story is that first of all you have to change the display in your mobile once and check if the touch does not work after changing it, then this problem is due to the faulty motherboard in your phone.

How To Poco X2 Screen Replacement Cost ?

If you install an original folder in your mobile, it will cost you around Rs 5000, but if you install a folder available in the normal market, it will cost you around Rs 2000.

But this will be useful only if there is a folder problem in your mobile, otherwise there is a problem with the motherboard. And for this you will have to get your mobile repaired and this work can be done only by those who have good hands-on skills.

Otherwise your phone may also go dead.

Poco X2 Touch Not Working Repair Cost

Poco X2 Touch Not Working Repair Cost

Poco x2 touch not working repair cost in india

Its price in India is different everywhere but it costs around Rs 2000 if there is a CPU fault in your mobile.

There are many other problems related to this such as speaker not working or network not coming and in many cases touch not working in mobile and SIM not working.

First of all the camera stops working. And then gradually problems start coming.

And if you update your mobile then your mobile may also become dead.

Poco X2 Cpu Problems

  • Camera Not Working
  • sim card not working
  • network problem
  • touch not working
  • sound not working


We have fixed many such problems, then we have shared this with you, with the help of this article,

you can take information from here and do your work. If you want to get wrapper done from us then contact us

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